need a drone ambassador?

Drone technology is increasingly becoming accepted. 

It will create a big, new market for both manufacturers and service providers.

Perhaps greater than the technological hurdles are the challenges of urban integration, public acceptance and air traffic management.

Cross-sector collaboration is essential in overcoming these challenges.

I'm a drone ambassador for manufacturers, for service providers and for regulators who operate in the UAS industry.  I am open to promote, demonstrate or educate your drone applications:

Demonstration:  showcasing your latest technology and products on location to your (potential) clients with a demo or a flight.

Media support: making professional photos and videos for press releases, website, social media etc.

Promotion & PR: promoting your products and applications at expositions, events and festivals.

Instruction: making illustrated manuals for your applications.

Initiation: creating public acceptance and embracement for your drone applications.

Urban Air Mobility isn't sience fiction anymore. We are in the process of making it reality.

Certified drone pilot 'klasse 1A'